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Development Services


Project Development

Latitude would typically be responsible for managing the process from acquisition to completion, including the following:

  • Review & Negotiate the Purchase & Sale Agreement

  • Facilitate the due diligence process to ensure the proposed project is feasible

  • Solicit professional service proposals for:

    • Surveying

    • Geotechnical Engineering

    • Environmental Study

    • Traffic Engineering

    • Critical Areas Study

    • Utility Availability

    • Civil Design

    • Architectural Design

    • Structural Design

  • Coordinate Pre Application Meeting with Governing Jurisdiction

  • Review Survey & Title Report for Easements, Encroachments and encumbrances which may effect development.

  • Evaluate Soils report.

  • Review Environmental Studies.

  • Review Critical Area Reconnaissance.

  • Review Traffic Studies.

  • Determine feasibility of utility connections.

  • Prepare preliminary site plans.

  • Establish the jurisdictional process and timeline.

  • Prepare weekly reports.

Wellington Hills Retaining Wall

Wellington Hills Retaining Wall

Cauliflower and Kale Soup

Cauliflower and Kale Soup


Entitlement Process

Latitude will drive the entitlement process. This includes:

  • Engage design professionals to prepare SEPA application.

  • Facilitate Public Facility Extension Agreements.

  • Facilitate Critical Areas permitting process.

  • Facilitate design of gas, power, telephone, data, and cable.

  • Negotiate impact fees and off-site improvements.

  • Assemble & submit permit applications.

  • Expedite and track permit applications.

  • Review and coordinate project insurance.

  • Review project constructability and costs with contractor.

  • Coordinate the Building Permit application and provide review of:

    • Architectural design

    • Structural design

    • Civil design

    • Landscaping design

    • Site Lighting design

    • Electrical design

    • Plumbing design

    • Fire Protection design

    • HVAC design

    • Fire Alarm design